Switzerland's best international calling rates

This is how you make cheap calls with toolani

How does toolani work?

You can use toolani with any phone (smartphone or not) to make cheap calls abroad.

Instead of calling the expensive international number you call a Swiss toolani landline number (costs for local landline costs may apply depending on your phone contract). toolani then connects you with the mobile or landline number of your contact abroad.

You don't need an extra SIM card and don't have to have a contract with toolani. From your smartphone, mobile phone or your landline: You can always call abroad with toolani's cheap rates!


Use toolani with a smartphone

If you have a smartphone it will be easiest to use the free toolani app for Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

Use toolani without a smartphone

No smartphone? No problem! You can also use toolani from your landline or mobile phone.

Install the toolani app for free
The app automatically recognizes your international contacts.
Go to your member area
Save the international number to get its toolani number
Make a free test call
Top up your account to make more calls
Call cheap abroad now!

Why choose toolani

  • No need for internet
  • Super cheap rates
  • Best call quality
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