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The best international calling app

The toolani app makes international calling even easier

  • The app recognizes all your international contacts
  • Automatically selects a local toolani number
  • No Internet connection needed to make a call
toolani app for cheap international calls

All your international contacts at a glance

Simply allow the app to access your phone book and it will display all your international contacts.

The flag next to each of international contacts shows you the country.
If you want to find out how toolani works in the background click the button below. 

Find out how it works

toolani also has the best international calling app that makes calling other countries even easier. You don’t have to worry about access numbers/toolani numbers, as the app will select them for you. Install the toolani App for Android or iOS and use the free credit to make a test call. Buying toolani credit will allow you to continue making cheap international calls.

Calling from a landline or regular cell phone?

Don’t worry, if you don’t own a smart phone or simply want to use toolani over your landline or cell phone head over to your member area.

Make a free test call

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Why is toolani the best international calling app?

toolani offers cheap international calling rates to more than 200 countries all around the world.
The call quality is much better than with free alternatives, as calls are made through local toolani numbers and not over the internet. Making international calls with toolani is as easy as making a regular phone call. Call any phone number in the world directly from the toolani app.
There is no contract, no extra SIM card and no minimum monthly spending.

How can I test toolani for free?

After signing up for toolani you will get some free test credit you can use to make your first call abroad.
This way you can test toolani for free without any risk.
Sign up now and get your free test credit.

Why are international calls with toolani so cheap?

We can offer cheap international calls because we buy international minutes in high volume from our international telecommunication partners.
Not only are our international calling rates very cheap, but call quality is very good and much better than with free alternatives.

How does the payment work?

toolani is a prepaid international calling service.
After signing up for toolani you will get free test credit to make a first call. To continue making cheap international calls you will need to buy credit. You can make easy and safe payments via credit card (VISA, MasterCard) or PayPal. Go to your member area or open the toolani app to buy toolani credit.