Terms of use

1. General terms and conditions (GTC)

Toolani GmbH (Registergericht: Handelsgericht Wien), Marxergasse 24/3, 1030 Vienna, Austria (will be called toolani in the following) regulates the delivery of telecommunication services and other accompanying services through toolani. You will also find Information, advice and additional services as well as removal of disruptions in this connection. Product-specific service description are part of the Vertra- law. In case regulations of service descriptions differ from these GTC, service description has priority in validity. As well as these GTC the telecommuni cation act (TCA), regulations for TCA and/or other compulsory legal regulations apply even if not explicitly indicated. Differing, conflicting or additional general terms and conditions of the customer will not apply as, even if considered, an integral part of the contract, unless its validity is agreed upon by toolani for record.

2. Breadth of service

Toolani offers its customers a ‘callthrough’ service for their mobile phones which serves as a call diversion to an international number. The customer can set an international connection from his/her mobile via a national landline that is dialled in front of the international number to be reached. Therefore the customer chooses a national landline number provided by toolani (toolani code) and the customer will then be connected with the designated international number automatically. Possible charges the network operator charges the customer for the dial-up of toolani numbers in the landline must be paid by the customer and will be charge by the mobile network operator as a landline call according to the particular rates. These phone charges for the mobile network operator apply straight away after entering the dial-up number. Charges for the diversion of a call need only to be paid when the connection to the designated number has been established. Toolani services have to be paid in advance; the customer is obliged to pay up front. Therefore the customer can only use toolani if enough money is provided on the individual credit account within the framework of the contract. The customer will be charged for services at the same time as they are being carried out. Current connections will be disrupted immediately if the credit is too low.

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