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About toolani

Call your family and friends living abroad with toolani and save up to 90% on international calls. We buy international minutes in bulk so that we can offer you the best calling rates. We provide international calls for over 10 years now and are proud to be the number one choice for almost 400.000 people worldwide. Our support team will answer all your questions. Enjoy cheap international calls with toolani!

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toolani is a prepaid service. Start with your free test credit. Then simply buy toolani credit before running low.
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No matter if you want to call from a smartphone, mobile phone or a fixed line, you can use toolani with every phone. Call any number in the world from any phone.

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How it works

toolani works without internet.
You call a local toolani number and we will then connect you to the international number.

call an international phone number using the toolani app or call a local toolani number directly

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we forward your call to its final destination

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toolani app for cheap international calls