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Phone codes Nigeria

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Country code Nigeria

The international country code of Nigeria is +234. Alternatively you can also dial the prefix or phone code 00234.

How can I call Nigeria?

You can call Nigeria directly from your cell phone or landline phone, but calling Nigeria can get very expensive when made directly trough your phone provider.

When you want to call Nigeria:

  • from the US or Canada: dial 011 (to make an international call) + 234 (Nigeria country code) + rest of the number
  • from Europe: dial +234 (Nigeria country code) + rest of the number 

Nigeria and other countries in Africa are among the more expensive calling destinations. You can save money by using an international call service like toolani.
By calling a local number in Spain, toolani will connect you to any phone number in Nigeria. Find out more about how toolani works.

Rates for calls to Nigeria from Spain:

  • only 7.9 cents to a Nigeria landline number
  • only 9.9 cents to a Nigeria mobile number

Area codes Nigeria

Cities in Nigeria have their own area code.

To call a number in Nigeria from abroad, for example in Lagos, you need to dial +234 (country code for Nigeria) + 1 (area code Lagos) + rest of the number (5 -7 digits).

These are the local area phone codes for the 10 biggest cities in Nigeria:

Local area codeCity
84Port Harcourt
0690Benin City

More information about telephone numbers in Nigeria is available on Wikipedia.