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Rate to landlines:


per minute
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per minute

All rates apply per minute in designated countries incl. taxes and do not change at any time of day or week.
Any connection will be charged from the first minute plus non recurring €/$/£ 0.05 per call for dial-up. Up-to-date detailed billing available in your member area and toolani app.
Depending on your phone contract, dial-up charges for calls to local landlines may apply.

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Your app for calls to Portugal

Making cheap calls to Portugal from United Kingdom is even easier with the toolani app! Available for iOS & Android.

toolani works also without the app.

toolani app for cheap international calls

Make cheap calls to Portugal from United Kingdom

With toolani you can easily make cheap calls to Portugal from United Kingdom and save up to 90% of your international call costs. We buy international minutes in bulk so that we can offer you the best calling rates. We provide international calls for over 12 years now and are proud to be the number one choice for more than 400.000 customers worldwide. Our support team is here for you and will answer all your questions. Enjoy making cheap international calls with toolani.

Prepaid credit for your cheap calls to 200+ countries

toolani is a prepaid service.
Start with your free test credit. Then simply buy toolani credit before running low and call Portugal and 200 more countries from United Kingdom.

toolani app for cheap international calls

to Portugal

Call Portugal cheaper now from any phone

No matter if you want to call Portugal from a landline, mobile phone or a fixed line, you can use toolani with every phone. Call any number in Portugal or in the world from any phone.

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How to call Portugal from United Kingdom

toolani works without internet.
You call a local toolani number in United Kingdom and we will then connect you directly to the international number.

Sign up & call an international phone number using the toolani app or call a local toolani number directly

Get connected to a local toolani phone number

We forward your call to the international phone number.

How much does a call to Portugal cost?

Calling to Portugal with toolani only costs 0.9p per minute to a landline number and only 1.9p to a mobile number.

How can I make cheap calls to Portugal from United Kingdom?

With toolani you can make cheap calls to to Portugal from United Kingdom and 40 other countries (see full list of countries where toolani is available). We will connect you to the international phone number through a local toolani number (access number) in United Kingdom. This toolani is a regular landline number connecting you abroad.

Use the test credit now and create your toolani account.

How can I test toolani for free?

After signing up for toolani you will get some free test credit you can use to make your first call abroad.
This way you can test toolani for free without any risk.

Sign up now and get your free test credit.

Why are international calls with toolani so cheap?

We can offer cheap international calls because we buy international minutes in high volume from our international telecommunication partners.

Not only are our international calling rates very cheap, but the call quality is very good and much better than with free alternatives.

How does the payment work?

toolani is a prepaid international calling service.

After signing up for toolani you will get free test credit to make a first call. To continue making cheap international calls you will need to buy credit. You can make easy and safe payments via credit card (VISA, MasterCard) or PayPal. Go to your member area or open the toolani app to buy toolani credit.

Can I call from more than one phone?

Yes, you can add up to 10 phone numbers to your toolani account.

So if you have a mobile and landline phone, you can add both phone numbers to make cheap international calls with toolani.

You can also share your toolani account with family members by adding their phone numbers.

You can add numbers in your member area on