China calling card from the USA

Your calling card alternative. No physical card. Sign up, Top up & start calling.

Calls to landlines:
per minute
Calls to mobile:
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*Rates per minute are rounded to the next minute.
Connection fee of €/$/£ 0.05 per call. Calls are made through local landline numbers.

Our app replaces calling cards forever

Your China calling card is just one download away. Get our app for free and top up your credit. Available for iOS & Android.

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1. Sign up

  • No physical card, no extra SIM, non-binding
  • Keep your phone number
  • Sign up with e-mail and phone number

2. Test for free

  • free starting credit
  • Your first international call is on us
  • Works without internet

3. Top up credit

  • Select a credit value
  • Top-up
  • Call to more than 220 countries

International calling cards vs toolani

toolani works the same way as traditional calling cards, but instead of dialing the calling card’s prefix and the actual phone number everytime you want to call someone, you just tap on your favourite contact. We will do the rest. You don’t have to change your phone card or number, it simply works with every phone. With toolani you can easily make cheap calls to China from the USA and save up to 90% of your international call costs. Join our 400.000 customers worldwide.

Don’t worry about costs with prepaid credit packages

Hourlong calls with your loved ones at the end of the world and you completely lost control over time? We have been there so we know this could turn out to be very pricey.
With our prepaid credit packages you don’t need to worry about that anymore. If you are running low we will let you know when it is time to top up your credit.

Stop dialing, start calling

Whether you want to call from a smartphone, mobile phone or a fixed line, you can use toolani with every phone. Save your contacts on your device and just hit the call button everytime you want to reach out.

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