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Make cheap international calls with the toolani app

The Android, iOS and Windows Phone apps all automatically recognise all of your international contacts and show you them in an easy to use contact list. This lets you immediately start taking advantage of toolani's affordable international calling rates.

You can easily save new contacts in your contact list or dial international numbers directly from the app.

When you make an international call, you'll actually be calling a local toolani landline number, which will then connnect you to the international number you want to call, regardless of whether you are calling to a mobile or landline number (Just make sure your contract includes calls to local landlines).

This can save you up to 90% compared to your mobile phone provider!

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Why choose the toolani app?

  • Neither you or the person you are calling need an internet connection
  • Call quality is just as good as a normal landline call
  • The person you are calling receives a totally normal phone call from you
  • It costs nothing to try with your free starting credit
  • Send SMS to more than 220 countries

The best possible international call quality

We can provide excellent voice quality because our calls are routed via normal telephone lines. As a result, you don't need an internet connection while you are calling, just for managing your account's settings or adding credit. You'll also have full acccess to the toolani website where you can use the Member Area to manage your account.

Unlike other apps like Skype or Viber, the international contact you are calling also doesn't need a smart phone, internet connection or even computer. On the contrary, they will receive a perfectly normal phone call from you.

Call your friends and family overseas whenever you feel like it, any time of day or night!

toolani App - cheap international calls

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