How it works

A prepaid international calling service

toolani is a prepaid international calling service, so toolani credit is needed to make phone calls. You can always check your current balance in the toolani member area or directly in the toolani app.

To never run out of credit you can turn on the auto top up option, which will top up your credit balance as soon as your credit runs out.
Try toolani now using the free test credit.

Use toolani with the app

  • Download the App
  • Sign up with your e-mail and mobile phone number
  • Use the free starting credit to make your first international calls
  • Top up your credit to make mor international calls
toolani app for cheap international calls

The app automatically recognises your international contacts from your phonebook.
Choose an already existing contact or simply manually dial an international phone number.
Call any number in the world and toolani will connect you.

Use toolani without the app

  • Sign up on the toolani website with your email address and your phone number you want to use toolani with
  • In the toolani member area, go to “my international contacts” and add an international phone number
  • Every international phone number will each get its own local toolani number (access number)
  • From now on just call this local toolani number to reach your international contact
screenshot of toolani member area

How toolani works in the background

As toolani works without internet we make use of the regular phone network. We redirect your calls from a local toolani number to the international number you want to reach. No matter if you call from the toolani app or a mobile or landline phone you will always call a local landline number.

Call an international phone number using the toolani app or call a local toolani number directly

Get connected to a local toolani phone number

We forward your call to its final destination