Calling Card

What is a calling card?

Whether from the gas station or the grocery store nearby, everybody knows calling cards. Calling cards where introduced in the mid 70's with the simple goal to reduce costs for national and international calls. Calling cards are usually credit-card shaped plastic cards which have already certain value stored on them. Calling cards are therefore a prepaid product, because you already pay for your calls up front when you buy the card.

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Where do I get a calling card?

Depending on what country you are in you can buy calling cards at almost every supermarket, gas station or at a dedicated call shop. They are usually available shortly before the cashier or the point of sale. For the US for example Walmart offers a wide range on different calling cards provider. They even offer their own. 

What kind of calling cards are there?

While calling cards originally used to be physical credit-card shaped plastic cards, they are now also sold online and you will simply get the necessary access codes per e-mail. Those are called "online calling cards".

How do calling cards work?

Calling cards are prepaid products. If you buy a calling card for example 10$, you get 10$ worth of credit for your national or international calls. Usually you will get charged per minute. The rates per minute depend on the country that you want to call. Calling card providers do not offen any customer support and call quality can be very poor. Call costs are not transparent and hidden charges are a common problem with calling cards often resulting in very unpleasant surprises.

toolani, a better calling card alternative

toolani works like a calling card but without any annoying codes or long telephone numbers. You simply register with your phone number and e-mail address. After that you buy some prepaid credit as you would do with a calling card and start calling. toolani offers great customer support, great call quality and the best rates to 200+ countries around the world.  toolani works from every phone. You can use our online member area or our apps to make cheap calls. Here you can find more information about how toolani works. Happy international calling!

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